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August is a Great Month for an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank Replacement!

The phrase: “energy efficient” tends to light up the eyes of homeowners everywhere – especially across the Lower Mainland where the cost of living is already so high. Which is why DMC would like to discuss why ‘August is a Great Month for an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank Replacement’, and fill you in on how you can start saving on your household costs this fall!

Slower Summer Months Means Quicker Service

Across many business sectors, summer tends to be a more relaxed month, and although plumbing and heating emergencies don’t take a break, summer still remains an excellent time to schedule such things as water tank repairs or replacements – and we’re here to help!

Save Cash AND the Planet Earth with an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank

Saving energy means that you don’t simply save on your monthly household maintenance costs, but also that you are doing your part to minimize your footprint on the planet.

No matter what type of energy is being consumed to heat your water, energy – in pretty much any form, requires a certain consumption of natural resources to create. Even water itself is a natural resource; so the less we consumer – the more cost-effective it will be to run a home, and the more conscious you are as a planetary consumer!

Utilize Fortis BC Rebates to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

We are always looking for ways to help our customers maximize their lifestyle while minimize the cost that comes with it – and Fortis BC rebates is one of the ways we like to help you save money!

Although their rebates tend to change regularly, they still provide plenty of incentives for homeowners to upgrade to energy efficient appliances; helping you save money and minimize energy consumption as well.

Curious to now more? Click HEREto see what Fortis BC is currently offering for rebates, then give us a call to help with your purchase and installation!

The Cost of NOT Replacing Your Hot Water Tank to an Energy Efficient One

Homeowners have to factor in 1/3 of their budget towards their hot water consumption, and the older your tank, the more money you are spending to provide your home with hot water.

Gone are the days where large, energy-sucking water tanks are needed – no matter the size of your household. Older tanks required large amounts of water to continually be heated at all times; whereas water tanks now are a lot more compact and efficient, while still being completely effective.

At DMC Plumbing & Heating, we offer Hot Water Tank Repairs and Replacement in Langley, Delta & White Rock & throughout the Greater Vancouver area, and we would love to help you start your fall with savings by booking your hot water tank replacement this August! If that interests you …give us a call at 604-908-9998, or use our online contact form to discover why DMC Plumbing & Heating is the preferred hot water tank repair and replacement service in the Lower Mainland.