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Book Your Winter Pool Heater Repairs and Installations

In the Lower Mainland, we enjoy a temperate climate most months of the year. But for those with a swimming pool, whether indoor our out; having your pool heater in good repair or having one installed, is a great way to keep your pool operational for year-round enjoyment.

Whether you think your pool could use a maintenance call to ensure it is operating efficiently, or you require a new pool heater – DMC Plumbing and Heating is an excellent choice for your Pool Heater Repairs and Installations in Metro Vancouver!

Proper Maintenance Matters

Ensuring your pool heater is in excellent repair, will also better guarantee your pool is running efficiently; optimizing your energy consumption and maintaining the safety and comfort of swimmers also.

Proper installation and maintenance makes a huge difference to energy efficiency, and DMC is here to help you with your pool heating repairs and installation needs in Langley and the surrounding communities.

Professional Maintenance Can Save You Money

As with any item in your home with “moving parts”, maintenance can mean the difference between affordable care, and unexpected replacements costs.

Running anything, including a pool, for too long without any type of maintenance checks by a professional, can put you in the deep end – literally, and cost you more in emergency repairs than if you had simply maintained it.

Pool Safety and Your Heater

Shortcuts should never be taken when it comes to water or electrical complexities. Neither the gas supply that is likely heating your pool, nor the water flow that could potentially flood your yard or home.

At DMC Plumbing & Heating, we offer Pool Heater Repairs & Installations in Langley, Aldergrove, White Rock & throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Pool heaters are essential for keeping your swimming pool comfortable, and for extending the season. With the right pool heater, you can maximize efficiency and keep your utility bills manageable.

Call us today at (604) 908-9998, or use our online contact form to discover why DMC Plumbing & Heating is the preferred pool heater repair & installation services company in Langley, Aldergrove, White Rock and throughout the Greater Vancouver area!