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Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Living in White Rock means you either have an excellent view of the ocean, or are close enough to smell the salty sea breeze. This vast body of water is definitely beautiful to look, but a vast body of water pooling in your basement or flooding over from your toilet is definitely not an experience any homeowner would consider “beautiful”. Very much the opposite!

So how does one guard against emergency plumbing mishaps, or quickly recover from such flooding concerns? As your go-to Plumbers in White Rock, we’re here to help answer those questions.

What To Do With Overflowing Tanks or Burst Pipes

No matter how careful a homeowner is, water can overflow and pipes can burst, so knowing how to deal with that type of situation quickly plays an important part in salvaging your home and contents before the water damage becomes extensive.

A professional will need to come in to address the broken pipe, but there are steps to take while you wait on your Emergency Plumbing Service in White Rock, which includes…

Turning Off the Stop Valve

Turning off your main water source will stop the water from bursting out of your pipes, and will keep water damage to a minimum the more quickly you can get to it.

Turning Off Your Furnace

Turning off the heat source of your water will help to ensure no hot water will suddenly spray from your pipes, causing potential injury to those in the home. In addition to the fact that you do not want your water heater heating up an empty tank for fire safety reasons.

Turn On Faucets and Turn Off Electricity

Turning on your faucets will release any additional water from your pipes, allowing it to drain into a “container”, as apposed to onto your floors. And be sure to turn off your electricity for safety reasons also. Electricity and water never mix well.

Lastly – call your plumber! As the community White Rock Plumber, DMC Solutions is here to help ensure all your plumbing needs are addressed quickly and effectively, with emergency services ready when you need us!