Turn Your Home Into an Energy Efficient Household & Save Money

Having an energy efficient home isn’t only good for the planet – it’s also great for your pocketbook! Which is why we want to share with you how you can ‘Turn Your Home Into an Energy Efficient Household & Save Money’.

Maintain Your Hot Water Tank

Did you know hot water tanks are meant to be maintained? Having your hot water tank inspected annually can uncover its efficiency levels, while also ensuring it isn’t about to ‘kick the bucket’ – so to speak. An emergency hot water tank replacement or repair can add to your living costs in unexpected ways, so allow DMC Plumbing to come take a look at your hot water tank, inspecting it for concerns and keeping your costs consistent – or even offering you tips on how you can improve them!

Replace Your Hot Water Tank

Did you also know that homeowners spend around one third of their maintenance costs on heating their water? It’s true. And if your home has a hot water tank that is more than a decade old, it will be running at half its capacity and costing you twice as much to heat up, while also running the risk of house damage if your water tank bursts – which happens for a variety of reasons, and is also something we can help you guard against. Or, alternately, we can suggest a tankless water heater that could work for your home also – and may be eligible for a Fortis BC rebate!

Install a Gas Line

Installing a gas line means you have natural gas available to you when and where you need it. Whether for cooking outside on your BBQ, or upgrading your indoor appliances to gas – this is also a great long-term money saving solutions, and an added convenience for your lifestyle too!

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