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Spring Clean Your Furnace to Reduce Allergies

With the promise of spring just around the corner, we can nearly guarantee that everyone in Metro Vancouver is eagerly awaiting some much-needed sunshine. But as we’re all aware – with spring also comes allergies, and for allergy sufferers this is not a pleasant reality. So DMC Solutions wanted to share how you can ‘Spring Clean Your Furnace to Reduce Allergies’.

Spring Clean the Air in Your Home

The oxygen you breathe in your home plays a big part in keeping your allergies at bay. After all, your home should be your haven – so start by having your furnace filters replaced to keep the air in your home in optimal condition.

Not only will this clean up your indoor breathable air, but it can also add to the longevity and energy efficiency of your home’s heating system.

Reduce Dust and Other Allergens by Cleaning Your Furnace Filter

Dust is a big culprit behind allergies, so whether you have a disposable or washable filter, replacing or cleaning it will help to minimize air-borne allergens and debris that you breathe in daily, including dust and the nasty dust mites that collect along with them.

The right filter can combat these dust mites, as well as pollen, exhaust fumes, mold spores, and even trap bacteria as well as cigarette smoke – which are often only used in places like hospitals.

Having a professional come in to inspect your heating system and replace the filters can make a profound difference in the quality of the air in your home, as well as the resulting allergies.

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