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The Importance of Gas Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

Our Gas Fireplace Repair in Langley – and throughout the Lower Mainland – offers our customers a way to keep their household running smoothly and on budget.

Unexpected household costs, and/or fluctuating maintenance expenses, can take homeowners by surprise, so DMC wants to ensure those surprises are tackled before they appear!

Gas Fireplace – the Benefits of an Annual Inspection

A lot of people forego their annual gas fireplace inspection in hopes of also foregoing the cost associated with such a checkup. But doing so could lead to more costly maintenance and repairs, leaving a large dent in your bank account, and/or removing one of your main heating sources over colder months.

A neglected appliance of any kind can fall prey to disaster, so by having your gas fireplace inspected annually, you can ensure the seasons in which you utilize it will be hassle-free.

Gas Fireplace – Vents, Flue and Chimney

Despite your fireplace not being wood burning, your vents, flue and chimney still need to be maintained for safety reasons and optimal air quality.

The faux logs utilized in a gas fireplace can break down over time and become trapped within your insert. Although there should be no reason this should be toxic, it can look unsightly – and if you’re about to sell your home, you will want everything to appear in tip-top shape.

Gas Fireplace – Insert

On the subject of tip-top shape, is also the maintenance of your glass doors and frame. If they have become chipped or even scratched from wear and tear, this can become a hazard and even interrupt your heat output.

Also, cleaning your fireplace, as per your manufacturers instructions, is important in maintaining the appearance of your fireplace. A soft glow from clean glass is preferential to a foggy view of your fireplace through dirty glass.

Gas Fireplace – Repair and Inspection

At DMC Plumbing and Heating, we can help to inspect your gas fireplace, checking over the exterior for any pending concerns within the framework, and also the interior to ensure the gas ignition is in flawless repair. This will include: log deterioration, valve and connection check, as well as a safety inspection ensuring there is effective heat output without any concerns of carbon monoxide. We offer a wealth of information and are happy to help keep you warm and safe during any season!