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The Link Between Allergies and Your Furnace

At DMC Plumbing & Heating Solutions, we provide a variety of services that include:

* Plumbing
* Furnaces
* Boilers
* Fireplaces
* Hot Water Tanks/Tankless Heaters
* Pool Heaters
* Gas Fitting…and more!

Regardless of what plumbing or heating maintenance, repair or installation you’re looking for, it should not come with allergy concerns – in fact, it should REDUCE them. 

Which is why we want to help our customers understand the link between allergies and your furnace, ensuring you are doing everything possible to prevent any added concerns to the health of your family.

A Clean Filter is an Allergy-Free Filter

Having your heat filters replaced regularly will reduce or even eliminate allergens in your heating system. Without a clean filter, your heating system will actually blow out dust into your home, which naturally collects over time and causes allergy concerns.

Air quality plays an important role in maintaining allergens, and regular maintenance of your heating system can help to keep your filters and air ducts clean. 

In addition, we can advise you also on added measures you can take – such as a HEPA filter installation, which removes up to 90% of particles in the air.

Other Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

1.     Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers

2.     Remove carpeting and use hardwood or linoleum flooring and washable area rugs

3.     Use washable curtains made of plain cotton or synthetic fabric

4.     Reduce any clutter in your home, minimizing dust-collecting items

Overall, a well-maintained heating filtration system will not only reduce allergens, it will also ensure your space is being heated efficiently, reduce monthly maintenance costs, and keep your house is a safe place to call home.

In some instances, a furnace replacement will be the most cost-effective solution to resolve your heating and allergy concerns, and our technicians will work with you and your budget to provide the best solutions possible!

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