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Tips to Lower Your Plumbing Costs

There are many times that one will need to call a plumber to deal with an issue that only a professional can tackle, but a lot of plumbing issues can be avoided in order to lower your plumbing costs, or avoid them entirely.

Although your business is important to our business, we also want to provide our customers with the best service possible – which includes filling them in on these helpful plumbing tips to avoid plumbing concerns!

How To Avoid Clogging Your Pipes

Clogged pipes might be one of the most common concerns our customers have, but these types of concerns can be easily avoided by ensuring items such as: feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper towels or any other seemingly flushable item do not go down your toilet. Simply put – to avoid clogged pipes, the only thing going in your toilet should be toilet paper.

Keep Your Hair Out of the Drain

Hair is also a common contributor to clogged pipes, as washing your hair often means it will be found in fairly large clumps inside your tub drain. So after each shower, ensure you wipe it away with a paper towel and toss it in the garbage.

Same goes for men shaving in the sink – these thick hairs can quickly clog the drain, so soak them up with a paper towel before draining the water in order to keep your sink clog-free.

Keep Your Kitchen Sink ‘Fat Free’

Grease from cooking bacon and other meats should not be poured down your drain. Rather, they should solidify and then be tossed out with your regular garbage in order to ensure your kitchen sink does not become clogged.

Garburators Are Not Meant for All Foods

Rice and pasta are actually not recommended for garburators, as they can expand in size over time and become gummy like glue. As well, banana peels, coffee grounds, onion skins and of course grease should also be left for the compost or garbage, as they can hinder, clog or kill your garburator over time.

Helpful Tip: Throwing your citrus peels down there is an excellent way to both clean and freshen it – so toss those down your garburator as often as you can.

Regularly Clean Your Drains

Baking soda and vinegar is a great way to clean and clear your drains regularly, and also a natural solution to many abrasive chemical versions on the market. So use this combination once a month to help better keep your drains clean and clear.

By cleaning your drains as mentioned, avoiding these common mistakes and habits, as well as calling a professional when an issue first arises – it will help to keep you plumbing costs down and your systems running smoothly.

However, if you do ever find yourself with a plumbing emergency in the Lower Mainland, DMC Solutions is here to help at a moments notice and happy to do so!