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Top 3 Warning Signs for a Failing Furnace

Sometimes it is hard to know if it is better to replace your furnace, or repair your furnace. If you are a Langley homeowner, or live within the Lower Mainland, understanding the warning signs for a failing furnace is an important measure to maintaining your household costs, and forgo the surprise of an unexpected expenditure.

Furnace Failure – What to Look For

If your furnace is failing, the quality of the air in your home could be too. So knowing the warming signs is important in maintaining – not only the cost, but also the care of those within your home.

  1. The Age of Your Furnace Matters

Knowing the age of your furnace is an important step in figuring out if your furnace requires replacement, or if your furnace merely needs some maintenance issues attended to.

The life expectancy of a furnace is between 16-20 years, so if it is nearing its lifespan, you should begin shopping around for a replacement furnace. Leaving it until it conks out over the winter will leave you cold and desperate, so attend to it before it becomes a concern, or have one of our professionals take a look to help you arrive at a solution.

  1. The Cost of Your Utility Bills Matter

If you have noticed your heating bill consistently rising with no great temperature change outside, it is likely your furnace is becoming inefficient in its duties. Although replacing your furnace might be a substantial initial cost, the overall savings will be worth it.

  1. When Was Your Last Furnace Repair?

Homeowners need to have their furnace regularly maintained, especially if their furnace is at the mid-range of it’s lifecycle. Having a professional look at it could help to extend the lifespan well until it’s intended to complete its duties.

As a furnace approaches the final 2 years of its lifespan, you will notice an increase in repairs is required. So take stock, and call a furnace repair specialist – such as DMC Solutions – to keep your home warm and in good repair.

Whether you are in need of a replacement furnace within the Langley and Lower Mainland district, or simply need a professional to come take a look at the strange noises your furnace has begun to make – we can help!