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Common Plumbing Pitfalls Homeowners Can Avoid

Bursting a pipe is never an enjoyable experience or fond memory to create. It comes with a lot of messy cleanup and potential destruction that can be very costly …which is why DMC Plumbing wants to inform homeowners about common plumbing pitfalls they can avoid!

Protect Your Exposed Pipes

Your indoor pipes are often protected from outside influences that may cause a concern, but your outside pipes are sometimes left exposed and open to potential disaster. Even mild climates have the risk of turning bitterly cold, creating an environment where pipes can freeze and burst due to such changes in temperature. So be sure to drain your outdoor irrigation system properly before the cold comes, turn off water sources to outdoor mains if possible, and wrap your pipes as an added precaution.

Only Flush Flushables

Clogged drains are often the top plumbing concern created, usually caused due to the assumption that one can flush almost anything. This isn’t true, and flushing substances not intended for your toilet can cause damage to your septic tank, creating and overflowing toilet – becoming a potential costly cleanup project. So ensure you are only flushing human waste and toilet paper, and leave everything else for the compost or garbage.

Shut Off Water During Repairs

Your plumber will know to shut off all water sources before repairs, but if you are tackling something yourself – make sure to switch off your main water valve before attempting any sink or toilet repairs, as well as turn off any additional localized water valves just to be sure.

Call a Professional

A professional plumber is often called under emergency circumstance, but such emergencies can often be avoided if you simply call the plumber to come get the job done right the first time. Cost-saving measures may lead to more expensive repairs, so if in doubt – call a professional.

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