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Home Maintenance Musts for Fall

There are a variety of home maintenance musts for fall that will help you keep you home humming and your repair or replacement costs down, which we wanted to provide for our reading audience to ensure they are prepared for the season ahead!

Replace Your Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are a jailhouse for dust, adding to allergies in the home and making it more difficult to heat your home – resulting in an increased heating bill and uncomfortable living conditions.

However, sometimes an outdated furnace will need more than a simple filter replacement and require replacing entirely. Although this comes with an initial investment, replacing an old furnace often results in the most cost effective solution to resolve your heating concerns.

Schedule a Boiler Maintenance Appointment

Regular residential boiler maintenance checks can help you avoid the need for early repairs, and should be checked annually. Older boilers will often make unusual noises, but knowing what is a normal “clunk” and what is of concern often takes the listening ear of a professional.

If you notice your home is no long heating properly, or your boiler is emitting a strong smell or metallic scent, you should schedule an immediate repair as this could signal a gas leak.

Consider Replacing Your Old Hot Water Tank

An icy cold shower is not a comfortable reality, especially during the weekly morning rush. So guard against such disasters by knowing how old your water tank is, and planning a replacement when it’s “end of life” term is up.

Ways of recognizing that your water heater needs replacing includes: if your utility bills has noticeably increased, and/or if your hot water has become discoloured or smells foul.

Calling a professional such as DMC Solutions at the first sign of water heater trouble could save you thousands of dollars, as well as safeguard against damage to your home.

At DMC Solutions, we provide repairs and installations for…

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