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How To Keep Your Household Humming

April is the perfect time to ensure all systems are humming nicely within your household, because nothing ruins a sunny weekend more than a faulty BBQ gas line, a flooded bathroom, or a broken furnace. Which is why DMC Solutions wants to fill you in on ‘How To Keep Your Household Humming ‘!

Burst Pipes – Not Just a Winter Concern

Although it is often thought that pipes only burst under the pressures of a cold winter, a pipe can burst and a water heater can break at any time of year. Which is why regular inspections are important to keep your systems running as they should, avoid costly repairs, and prevent untimely emergencies.

The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having your home’s air conditioner inspected yearly will also ensure it will be up and running when you need it, as well as guard against any health concerns if your air conditioner is unknowingly leaking fluid.

Furnace Filters and Your Health

Furnace filters are quick to become riddled with dust, causing further concerns to those who suffer from allergies in the home, as well as adding to the cost of heating your home. Sometimes the healthier and cheaper solution to this problem is to replace an old furnace – something we can help you decide upon inspection.

Boiler maintenance and the inspection of your hot water system will also help to detect water heater trouble, and uncover any potential concerns before they become one – which could save you thousands of dollars and safeguard against water damage to your home.

So don’t forgo maintenance checks simply because everything seems to be humming along smoothly. Having regular inspections of all the inner workings of your home is the only real way to keep your household running without incident.

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