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Pool Heater Repairs & Installations for a Swimming Spring

At DMC Solutions, we offer Pool Heater Repairs & Installations in Langley, Delta, White Rock and throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Whether you choose to keep your pool open year round, or are looking to re-open your pool for spring – pool heaters are essential for keeping your swimming experience comfortable, and with the right pool heater you can maximize your pool’s efficiency and keep your utility bills manageable.

Swimming Pool Heater Problems May Require a Professional

A lot of times the answer to your pool heating problems can be ‘simple’, but understanding those problems sometimes require a professional assessment, which can actually save you both time and money. Some of the issues may involve…

Heater Pilot Light Issues

Often your heater pilot light won’t light due to low gas pressure, an issue with venting, a disruption to your air supply – among other things. A professional can quickly test all the areas related to why your gas isn’t turning on to heat your pool, ensuring your safety and your pool’s proper maintenance.

Inadequate Pool Temperature

Heat loss is a problem as it is both costly as well as uncomfortable to swim in a chilly pool. This can be the result of a low gas supply to your pool’s heater, a poorly insulated pool cover, or even an exhaust issue – amidst other factors. So having a professional look at this issue can save your money on your pool’s heating costs, as well as a frigid spring swim.

In addition, some customers complain that their heater is turning off before it reaches the desired temperature. This can be due to a poor water flow caused by a dirty filter, a reversed water connection, or perhaps a closed valve or a pressure switch issue.

If your pool heater is leaking due to sanitizer damage, chemical damage or winter freeze issues courtesy of our unseasonably cold winter, this is another area you will want a professional to address, and get you up and running smoothly for spring.

Maintaining your pool’s heating system vs. installing a new system are difficult decisions to gauge, and one that a professional can help you better understand, lending you cost-saving tips as well as informing you on how much you might save if you switch to a newer heat pump.

At DMC Solutions, we would be happy to help with repairing your existing pool heater or upgrading and installing a new heater for your pool – depending on your needs.

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